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We asked everyone at Naked HQ where their favorite spots to hike Naked were. Time to put your pair of Active briefs into good use and get Naked in the woods.

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Honey Creek Loop - Tennessee

Honey Creek Loop is recommended for experienced hikers. The hike is 5.6 miles and possess stream crossings, waterfalls and a swimming pool surrounded by a cliff. The trail is not well marked and there are areas that require advanced athletic skills. Although the hike is strenuous, the scenery is breathtaking. 

Trails - Honey Creek Loop

Ender-Falls, Granby - Connecticut 

Ender-Falls is a swimming hole and cliff jumping hot spot surrounded by hiking trails. The hikes are family friendly and easily accessed. A short hike from the parking lot you have access to 5 waterfalls - some with deep swimming pools. Although there are multiple jumps, the highest cliff jump is about 60 feet. Ender-Falls is open year-round with free access. It is a well known hiking spot, yet not overcrowded. 


Mount Major, Alton Bay - New Hampsire

Mount Major Trail is a family friendly hike to the summit. Once at the top, the peak looks over Lake Winnipesaukee and the many small islands within it. The hike is open in the winter and summer. There are 3 different trails to the top of Mount Major, Mount Major trail being the shortest at 1.5 miles. Additionally, The Brooke Trail is 2.1 miles and The Boulder Loop at 1.6 miles.

Mount Major Trails

Mount Mitchell, The Black Mountains - North Carolina 

The Black Mountains are the highest in the Eastern United States with Mount Mitchell being the highest summit. There are multiple trails varying from moderate to very difficult that include streams, rock climbing and spectacular views. In addition to hiking, the mountain offers campgrounds and a restaurant. 

List of trails - Mount Mitchell

Jordan Pond Path, Acadia National Park - Maine

The Jordan Pond Trail borders the entire pond with sections of wooden planks to protect the vegetation underneath. Hiking right along the water offers a untroubled experience in which you can fully enjoy the scenery and the breeze the pond offers. The trail is 3.3 miles long with views of Bubble Mountain. The hike is not difficult, but posses areas with uneven terrain and rocks. The hike is great for families and dogs... especially dogs that like swimming.  

The Jordan Pond trail

Eagle Creek to Tunnel Falls Hike, Colombia River Gorge - Oregon


The hike begins at Eagle Creek Trailhead and is a 6 mile hike to Tunnel Falls. The hike will take you through tunnels, over bridges, above steams and by numerous waterfalls. At your final destination, you will be in awe of the 160 ft waterfall plummeting into the small brook below it. Although the hike is classified as moderate it is not ideal for dogs or children because of the steep drops and rugged terrain. There is also multiple campsites including the Seven and a Half Mile Campsite, which is about a mile further past the trail. 

Eagle Creek - Tunnel Falls

Caprock Canyons, Upper Canyon Trail - Texas 

The 6 mile hike begins at Trailhead and starts out easy, but quickly becomes a difficult trail. Upper Canyon is very steep and requires some rock climbing, but the views from the top are beyond worth it. While hiking, you will move along the southern point of the Little Red River. It is very likely that you will only see a handful of other hikers if any, so come prepared with any and all supplies you will need. 

Caprock Canyons

Matilija Canyon Trail, Ojai - California 

Matilija Canyon Trail is a 8.4 mile hike including the hike back. It features waterfalls, swimming holes and multiple campgrounds along the way. The hike is along two private properties, but hikers are allowed as long as they remain on the trail. Be sure to cover arms and legs as the area has a considerable amount of poison oak and overgrown vegetation. 

Matilija Canyon Trail

The Lost Coast Trail, Sinkyone Wilderness State Park - California 

The Lost Coast Trail has two sections, North and South. The trailhead is abundant in campsites, but once you hike into the beauty of the SoCal coastline you feel the serenity of being unhooked from society. The Lost Coast has no roads because the shoreline was too rough and uneven to build on. From Matthole Beach to Shelter Cove, the trail is 25 miles long. In addition, there are many smaller trails that break off from Lost Coast so you can make your hike shorter and enjoy different parks of the park. 

Lost Coast

Grayson Highland State Park, Mouth of Wilson - Virginia 

The hike around Grayson Highland State Park is 8 miles and is covered with wild flowers. Wild ponies are a common site in the park. The hike is considered difficult because of steep areas and slippery rocks and roots. The ponies are friendly, but the park asks hikers to keep distance (especially with dogs). Moreover, the park also offers additional hiking trails, bouldering, camping, fishing, swimming and horse riding trails. 

Grayson Highland SP