It sometimes seems that there is no quick way to get to LA, but it’s always worth the trip. Out for dinner in Santa Monica I had been jokingly told that people go to LA  for the three W’s:  women, weed and weather. My reason , as always, was underwear, but I'll take the weather any time. 

With snow in the forecast back home, I was met with a mid-March heat wave that saw temperatures crack 90 degrees!  To that, I said, bring it on! All that heat only re-kindled my appreciation for the blossoms and flowers, scents and beauty of spring. The longer I stayed, my spring fever grew.  

It was a busy three days, as my travels took me through Balboa Island in Newport, to Santa Monica, to Beverly Hills, through downtown LA and Malibu. Minus Hollywood and about 25 other places, it seemed like most of LA!  Yet, I had hardly scratched the surface of just how many cities there are in the LA metro area, which is really a blend of 88 cities and countless other unincorporated communities.

I think I may have worked a little too hard. This became evident to me as I battled endless traffic in my rental, scurrying from meeting to meeting, and Nordstrom to Nordstrom.  I watched enviously out the window as people skate-boarded to work, and parked cars lined the PCH as their abandoned drivers surfed, ran, walked or just sat on the beach, thinking.  
I could only muse about their paradise from the confines of my vehicle, vicariously taking part in their bliss in dream only.  

This spawned a morning discussion with two friends at the famous Santa  Monica breakfast joint  ‘Jinky's’,  as to the quality of life differences between LA and NYC. I have touched on this subject in my East West life balance post, before http://www.primusblog.net/blog/east-and-west-life-balance.  In a debate, I'm generally Switzerland, but these two business women seemed to think the torrid pace of the East was a bit much for them, and that their generally more laid-back pace of life here did not cause a lack of productivity, but rather an increase in the sense of well-being.

Having lived in both places, I rather like to defer to the simple and now iconic Baz Lurham's dictum:  

" Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard; Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft"  

Enjoy the Baz Lurham's Sunscreen Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ7AzBIJoI