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Take the Slow Way

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Traveling in the North East between January and March, with its snow delays and cancellations, is all about "Hurry Up and WAIT!"

So when another DC trip, with a stop in Philly, came up, I opted to take the slow way.... a good old fashioned leisurely train ride!

To me, taking a train has a nostalgic feeling, rather like using a pay phone again. But any journey is only as good as we make it! So what did I do? I unplugged my phone, relaxed and let my mind wander....

The word slow can be defined in many ways; creeping, dawdling, lagging among them. But slow can also have a dreaming, pondering, almost imperceptible quality.

We're busier than we ever have been in the history of the world (I just read that!) Have you ever just stood in Grand Central and literally felt the force of people flying by you, on their phones, racing for trains, totally unaware that they've just knocked your shoulder? Oh, the chaos of the commute. 

Don't get me wrong. Life is motion, and I love driving and flying and yes, riding trains.  However, we all need to take a moment every now and again to slow down, to perhaps just get off at the next stop and have a coffee or a glass of wine. (Myself included.) 

Empower yourself to appreciate the special moments found in pausing. 

We will never escape motion. The earth spins, the plates shift, the universe is expanding and as the train rocks gently pulling away from Penn Station, I'm also reminded I'm almost always heading somewhere. But the secret is that within all this motion, stillness can be achieved with nothing more than your breath and your mind. As my father says "freedom is but a breath away." 

To define a perfect life as one of perpetual slowness would be an illusion. But if you are constantly devising ways to “get there faster” or find yourself stuck in a mantra of “almost there, almost there”, try the slow way once in awhile. As Gertrude stein said, " There is no there, there".